DYNOJET Services by Brooklin Cycle Racing

Book your Dynojet session, call us or send an email to info@brooklincycle.com and we will get it all set up.

We use the latest technology coupled with years of racing know-how to get the most from your engine…safely.

Brooklin Cycle Racing has used, for many years, our unparalleled state-of-the-art Dyno Room. The Dyno Room is a controlled environment for consistent and accurate tuning of your motorcycle. With the ability to control the testing environment, our fully certified Dyno technicians can perform virtually unlimited tuning combinations to ensure your performance goals.

What are the benefits of the Dyno Tuning service?

Every stock motorcycle or radically modified race bike benefits from our Dynojet Tuning service.

Maximum peak horsepower is always nice. But to fully achieve true maximum drivability throughout the entire RPM range – torque, horsepower, and air/fuel ratio must be in perfect harmony to deliver the optimal performance you demand.