BCR History

Bio – Rob Egan                             

With over 45 years in business, Rob Egan truly is everything motorcycle. From a young age growing up on a farm, Rob was surrounded by machinery and equipment. He particularly loved motorcycles and what makes them work. He built a dyno from scratch while still a teenager to see what performance increases he could get from fine tuning engines. As the bikes got bigger and the love of motorcycle racing grew, Rob turned this passion into a business that has evolved to be a multi-faceted enterprise with motorcycles at its core.

Rob and his team can assist you with any motorcycle question or problem. From building a custom part to long-haul shipping a fleet of specialty bikes for race day, Rob and his team can assist. The Brooklin Cycle team has the best equipment for building and shipping motorcycles. They work with the top names in the business.

They are – everything motorcycle.